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    I help professionals and on-the-go people tune up their health and well-being in less time

    Get in Shape for Life!

    As a health coach I help lead you to lose weight safely and quickly. I do not offer a crash diet or crazy workout schemes. As exciting as this might sound sustaining a healthy weight, however, can be very challenging. It's common knowledge by now that healthy eating is a balanced diet of lean proteins, whole grains, heart healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.


    Eating healthy and staying active is a journey without a destination. To help you along this path to a healthier life I have created the Body100 plan, a way to make Healthy Easy. This nutritionally balanced plan promotes an active lifestyle and is easy to follow, free of dietary products and weight loss gimmicks.


    When we think of weight loss, we often only think about what we eat. Most of our actions revolve around how many calories to eat or whether shakes help take off the pounds.


    Millions of Americans try different diet plans every year, yet we remain a nation with a weight and obesity problem.

    What we tend to ignore though, when we think of weight loss, is how we are approaching the process and how to manage the change. As important as it is to focus on what you eat to lose weight and keep it off, it is equally crucial to consider physical activity and maintaining lifestyle changes over time.


    Together we will make the behavioral changes, what strategies to use to adhere to new ways of eating and increase physical activity. Our goal is to focus on changes and sticking to them.


    Based on latest research we will use effective strategies for weight loss that work to lose the pounds and change lifestyle behavior.

    Goal Setting

    We will set goals that are specific and achievable with a focus on the process of change. Our focus will be on goals about behavior you have control over like eating more fruits and vegetables or walking for 30 minutes every other day rather than goals to improve your sugar levels or cholesterol which are often outside of our control.


    Often overlooked, it is an important part of the puzzle. Self-monitoring creates greater awareness of your experiences and actions, helping you to find ways to maintain new behaviors. As partners and by pen (ink it; don't think it) or with the help of an app we will track the goals we set, take note of any barriers, physical cues and identify any challenges to changing your behavior. While this might sound a challenge by itself it will help you stay motivated and to problem solve when life gets in the way or you get off track.

    Problem Solving

    Don't get stuck when you encounter obstacles that might stop you from following through on your goals and actions. Sometimes problems might not have immediately available solutions. Effective problem solving can provide efficient solutions to the challenges you'll routinely encounter. Together we will identify the main stressors (challenges) you face and then develop specific techniques to efficiently deal with these stressors. This systematic approach will move you toward a faster resolution and more effective lifestyle change.

    Social Influences and Support

    People in our lives can have both positive and negative impacts on attitude and behaviors. Family, friends, medical professionals, the media and others close to you can influence your perception of your ability to make the changes you want. Often our cultural background embed behaviors in us which are hard to change. While some of these factors might create barriers to overcome it can also be helpful to get feedback and support from outside sources. We will break down barriers and identify sources that can provide positive feedback about your diet and activities to motivate you adjusting your behavior and help you keep your expectations ambitious and realistic.

    Boosting your belief in yourself that you can do this

    An attitude that you will fail at something will greatly reduce your odds of succeeding. Therefore it's essential to not only focus on your behavior, but also on your belief and perception of your ability to make the changes you want. Reaching small, specific and achievable goals will build your confidence and help set more ambitious goals. When you succeed at eating a fruit at breakfast or going for a walk after dinner instead of watching TV, it will boost your confidence and improve your belief in your ability to be successful at making changes.

    Together we will continuously strive at reaching your goals, make necessary adjustments and create new actions that will continue to lead you on your path to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Your new found confidence might even help you look for people who have made similar challenging changes in their lives who will encourage you in your efforts.

    Think. Action. Results.

    Adopting a healthier lifestyle is not just about stocking your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables or going to the gym. A great deal depends on how we make our goals to achieve them. Lifestyle changes take sustained efforts over time and our mindset greatly increases the capacity how it will effect our behavior and stay motivated with accomplishing the goals and maintaining the actions we've put in place.

    Get in Shape for Life!

    It's not about losing weight overnight but about staying healthy overtime!

  • A wholesome approach to the body you want

    get leaner and fitter in 100 days

    Healthy weight isn't about a diet or a program. It's about

    lifestyle changes in daily eating and activity habits.

  • coaching


    Here's the reason for my Passion

    With 2/3 of adults overweight and 1/3 obese, it is no wonder that dieting and exercising is a multimillion-dollar industry.

    Both human biology and today's obesogenic environment make it impossible for anyone to eat and live perfectly healthy.

    An estimated 50 million Americans go on a diet each year, but most of them do not reach their goals (or at least don’t remain at their goal weights). Specifically, the statistics note that 65% of dieters return to their preexisting weight within three years. For individuals who lose weight on a “crash” diet, only 5% of the people keep the weight off.

    Thus, it’s not that hard to lose weight, but it is extremely difficult to keep weight off over long periods of time.

    Behaviors don't change

    While we often manage to lose weight by exercising or dieting our lifestyle and associated behaviors don't change, at least not for the long term. Thus, the lost weight is most often regained as old habits gain the upper hand again. Healthy eating and a healthy, active lifestyle are not mutually exclusive. I call it Yo-Yo living.

    Only 20% of Americans exercise the minimum requirements per week of physical activity. Besides weight gain, a sedentary life style carries many health risks including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and cancer. As weight gain has skyrocketed so has Diabetes Type 2. A metabolic disease caused by wrongful nutritional habits and insufficient activity.

    Coaching Change

    Recent studies have shown that teaching (coaching) behavioral changes not only helped individuals continue to lose weight and maintain exercise, but they had continued in their habit of healthy eating and leading a less sedentary, more active lifestyle.


    Coaching is like personal training for your life. Just like you hire me as a trainer to reach a new and improved level of fitness, you can now hire me also as a coach to reach a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment by leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Just like sports coaching enables athletes to hone themselves into the fastest, strongest, most tactical competitors in their disciplines, health coaching helps people from all personal, professional and cultural backgrounds improve their strengths and build upon their weaknesses to make the most of their lives by living healthier.

    So what's life with a coach like?

    If your life is ok, or fine, or you are just chugging along, you need a coach. Chances are, you lack direction, don’t have any major health goals, and don’t think much about your health and what you are doing or should be doing to stay healthy. A health coach is like spark plugs for your health and well-being: everything will become supercharged: your health will regain meaning, you will feel motivated and energized, your goals and dreams will start to come true, and you will become incredibly self-aware. Your whole life will change when you invest in a coach, so what are you waiting for?


    When I speak about coaching I'm under the assumption that the majority of people are not ready for change. The spectrum between thinking about your health and actually living healthy is far and in between. Everyone is at a different stage in their lives and this perspective allows me to assist my clients to use the most effective strategies at the right time to help them get ready to initiate and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


    Sometimes it’s hard for me to talk to others about coaching. Because I am SO passionate about what I do, it’s hard to describe in words the total and complete change that will come over you as a result of hiring me as your health coach. There are so many ways you can ramp up your game with a strong ally, mentor and accountability partner by your side, someone who keeps your dreams, goals, and best intentions at the heart of the conversation. Your health matters!


    The term ‘coaching’ itself comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for ‘carriage’, which is a means of transporting something from one place to another. A coach therefore, is a person who guides another person from where they are in life, to where they want to be in life.

  • credentials

    NASM Certified Nutritional Coach

    Individualized nutrition coaching - for any client

    Discover the reasons why we get stuck in dietary patterns - and strategies on how to break them.


    Let me help you create lasting strategies for navigating real-world situations: grocery stores, parties, restaurants, and change life-long habits for good.


    "You can do all the right things physically, and if you're not right nutritionally, it's a pretty uphill battle from there. Good nutrition is really key and when combined with the right exercise - it'll change your life."

    NASM Behavior Change Specialist

    The knowledge what motivates behavioral changes helps me with my clients to apply those principals so they can achieve lasting change

    Most fitness enthusiasts believe they already possess the skills

    necessary to affect change with their clients. While on the surface, this may appear to be true.

    But when diving a little deeper, I came to realize there is so much more to affecting change in people.


    To assess my behavior change and client retention skills I tried to answer the 3 questions below:


    1. What's involved in setting goals for my clients and make them stick?

    2. When should I recommend a an exercise program to a potential client or number of steps per day to take?

    3. What kind of technique would I use to change my clients' behavior?


    As a Behavior Change Specialist I gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities involved in motivating my clients to help change health and fitness related behaviors.

    This specialization taught me the ability to systematically assess and implement behavior change tactics in a progressive approach and to have the necessary tools to help my clients make a change to a healthier and more active lifestyle they all deserve.

    NASM Weight Loss Specialist

    The number one reason people seek out personal trainers is to lose weight.

    I took my love of fitness and helping others to expand it with the NASM's Weight Loss Specialization – the perfect complement. With the WLS, I proudly elevate myself above other personal trainers by applying exercise programs specifically for clients trying to lose weight. Exercise and diet can get my clients' weight off, but only the secrets of WLS can help them change their lives. I

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    With NASM I turned my passion for fitness into a career helping people lead healthier lives.

    Personal training has evolved into an exciting discipline that combines exercise, stretching, nutrition and more to set people on a path to better health. The industry-leading NASM-CPT program addresses this need by using the Optimum Performance TrainingTM model, which focuses on integrated solutions for every fitness level.

  • "Healthy is not a goal,

    it's a Lifestyle!"


    BE REAL!


  • THINK. results.

    The 3 most common ways I work with my clients

    Online Group

    Online support with 10 pre-scheduled group conference calls by phone every 10 days. Groups form every 1st of the month.

    Subject to availability.

    Face to Face Online

    Online support with 10 online face-to-face meetings every 10 days

    In Person

    Online support and 10 in-person 1 hour meetings every 10 days


    Results Packages

    1. Each package will begin with a robust screening, this way we can identify specific needs and personal goals.
    2. Every 10 days, for 3 months, we have calls or meetings together. On these calls or meetings you will set your own action steps. Every time we meet we will discuss how you're doing in general and the goals or homework set in the previous session.
    3. We'll talk about your current situation or any new issues that might have come up since our last meeting or phone call.
    4. After we measure your progress towards goals, together we'll determine their success and if they need to be adjusted or modified. We'll agree what's expected for our next call or meeting and any kind of "homework" that should be done.
    5. I will provide you a list of resources and with a goal setting system that may help you further.
    6. In addition I will be available to you through email to answer questions and help you along with reaching your goals.


    Online Group

    Starting at $97 for first month. Call or email for individual pricing.

    • BODY100 Healthy made Easy System www.body100.com
    • Complete online health screening
    • Online exercise & nutritional plan prescriptions
    • Online goal setting and monitoring
    • 10 pre-scheduled group conference calls by phone

    Face to Face Online

    Call or email for individual pricing.

    • same as Online Group plus
    • Initial Consultation visit and screening
    • Body Composition Measurements & analysis
    • Reassessment upon completion 
    • 10 face-to-face online meetings

    In Person

    Call or email for individual pricing.

    • same as Face to Face Online plus
    • Complete Fitness Screening
    • FMS Movement Screen
    • 10 in-person 1 hour meetings
  • scope of Practice

    Weight Loss


    Weight loss is not about losing weight overnight but about staying healthy overtime

    Food & Lifestyle Changes

    The lifestyle choices you make, the foods you eat and the amount of exercise you incorporate into your daily life has an important impact on your overall health

    Personal Health

    Reduce your health risks, lose weight sustainably, and regain the energy so you can do what you love

    Corporate Wellness

    Employees and members are your greatest asset. Improve their health and well-being while reducing your health related cost

    Patient Wellness

    Helping physicians offer their patients a safe and sustainable method to lose weight and improve their health

    Wellness in Fitness

    Assisting Fitness Centers to improve their members' health and well-being. With more sustained energy members will spend more time training

  • I'm ready to help you! Are you?

    With the growing interest in establishing healthy lifestyles, and the growing knowledge about the role exercise and nutrition play in accomplishing this goal, I can help you to improve your chances being successful at leading a healthy and more active lifestyle for the long term. It's common knowledge by now that it's not easy to achieve, but I believe you can do it. So if you are serious about your health, I am ready to help you.

  • reach out

    Would you like to have a complimentary call together to explore how we could reach your goal to live a healthier and more active life? After that, you can decide to continue working with me or not.

    Let me know what day and time works best for you.